‘But what if they won’t use them properly?!’ is a question raised by Facilities Managers who are considering installing sit-stand desks. Despite widespread acceptance that there are considerable health benefits to agile working, where the day is regularly punctuated with changes of working position, there is still a pervading worry that workers will just ‘forget’ to do what’s good for them.

One effective solution to this problem is the use of ‘nudge software’, which takes the pressure to remember away from new sit-stand desk users, and reminds them to move and keep their bodies functioning properly. A particularly user-friendly solution is ‘Little Nudge’; a software package that not only provides regular reminders to move around, stretch, hydrate, etc. but can also be tailored to include organisation-specific nudges.

When Kinnarps ran its recent research into why the UK was comparatively slow to adopt sit-stand working, we discovered that the organisations we questioned actually weren’t too shoddy when it came to offering other employee healthcare initiatives, such as gym membership, health insurance, free fruit and cycle to work schemes. So, Little Nudge could not only help you embrace agile working, but could also be used to remind you to make the most of existing employee benefits, by inspiring, for example, a trip to the gym on the way home, or a visit to the fruit bowl to help achieve the recommended five-a-day.

The Little Nudge software package, which is simply downloaded to your pc or laptop, can be tailored to your individual preferences and will also be able to provide feedback against personal goals in its next release. The software has been developed in collaboration with qualified physiotherapists and the company also offers bespoke corporate services, which include visits by clinicians to client organisation, to educate end users about the benefits of agile working and how to use the nudge software effectively. The Little Nudge team can also help HR and Occupational Health departments to develop goal-oriented wellbeing programmes, with measurable outcomes that evaluate the health benefits.

With packages starting from just 25p per user, per month, Little Nudge is a great way for employers to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring their employees’ wellbeing.

We love it here at Kinnarps, obviously, because we are determined to get all our clients benefitting from the improved employee health that comes with sit-stand working. So, if all it takes is a Little Nudge…