Fields is a contemporary modular concept from Kinnarps, created specifically to facilitate agile working styles, and to overcome the design issues often faced when trying to create a cohesive office interior while providing a wide range of activity-led spaces.

With Fields, Kinnarps offers designers and architects a comprehensive range of modular pieces, which suite together perfectly to create a unified whole. The extensive range includes options for the shared and the private, for collaboration and contemplation, for the individual and for the group. Fields can be endlessly customised with the huge choice of accessories and the plethora of inspiring fabrics and finishes on offer in Kinnarps Colour Studio.

Developed and designed in partnership with Swedish designer Olle Gyllang, of cutting-edge Propeller Design of Stockholm, Fields is a range specifically developed for activity-based workplaces. Fields allows the creation of shared spaces, meeting areas, rooms-within-rooms, creative environments and zones for ‘head down’ work or private workplaces. As Gyllang explains:

“The aim with Fields was to create a balance. This is done partly through its calm and gentle design, but also through the balance that is created in the overall interior, where both the individual and group find the space required; for some private time and for time shared.”

Fields also addresses other potential causes of friction in an agile working environments, by offering ergonomically designed furnishings that can be adjusted to suit the needs of various users, and sound absorbing pieces that help to reduce the background noise often associated with open-plan settings. Fields is also a sustainable, Swedish-made range that is free of the Persistent Organic Pollutant, (POP) chemical flame retardants, often associated with unhealthy workspaces.

In essence, Fields gives designers the tools and options to create flexible and healthy workplaces, without compromising on aesthetics.


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