For many years ‘work’ has been a place you go to. You commute there in the morning and return home for the evening. Today’s ‘work’ has evolved from a place or a purpose into a diverse set of processes undertaken wherever and whenever; a change that has major implications for employers.

Research studies and new, experimental workplaces are all pointing towards a world of fewer personal workstations and the need for more variety – with a choice of flexible, functional and inspiring work settings.

Change is the catalyst for all business development. Knowledge is the helmsman to guide that change. The more knowledge and experience we seek, the more successful change will be. So we have developed our ideas, founded on recognised expert research, in order to support our customers in the journey to a more agile workspace.

We call this programme Next Office™ - a name designed to reflect that these are not cutting edge, experimental concepts but tested ideas that we can practically help you with to include in your next project.

To do this we have developed a process that utilises unique analysis tools and can include the use of phone apps, to examine how an organisation can restructure to a more agile way of working and the balance of work settings required to facilitate this dynamic change.

We will be happy to welcome you to our London showroom, which is a living example of an Activity Based office. Many of our clients have found this stimulating and thought provoking – leading to the development of a customised solution that fits their unique needs.

For some, complete immersion into Activity Based Working is the answer; for others a tentative step introducing some of the elements to a specific set of employees is more appropriate. By analysing the behaviours of your employees and their needs, we can identify the path that is right for you.