The world of work is awash with agile working buzz-terms such as ‘hot desking’, ‘touch down’, ‘break out’ and ‘smart working’. However, while changing your organisation’s working style from the fixed 9-to-5 in cellular offices, to an agile working style in a flexible setting can have huge commercial benefits. However the transition needs to be carefully managed to avoid friction, such as time wasted searching for colleagues, meeting spaces and working IT equipment, which can result in a demotivated and disgruntled workforce.

Our partnership with a fellow Swedish-owned company, Flowscape, now enables clients to reduce the friction inherent in agile working more comprehensively. Flowscape’s system allows managers and team members to gain a far clearer perspective on their physical environment and what is happening within it.

Easy identification of available rooms, free desks and the working status of office equipment is made possible via a digital map. Thanks to positioning technology, users can instantly see themselves on a map of their workspace, and when zooming in, meeting rooms, colleagues and printers appear, allowing easy identification of available rooms, colleague’s current locations, and the working status of office equipment.

In addition to the typical large billboard in a reception area, Mmaps can be viewed from a wide range of devices, including smart phones, PCs, tablets, monitors, screens, room panels, Outlook add-ins and any other device with a web browser. Every map is bespoke, with a Flowscape interface ‘skin’ that can be easily tailored to echo the organisation’s brand identity.

Thanks to positioning technology, users can instantly see themselves on a map of their workspace, and see where colleagues are and the shortest route to them.

“The essence of Flowscape is enhancing the user experience”, says Kinnarps MD, Ashley Hayward. “We often hear of a management desire to move to some form of activity based working, but a concern that employees will find it difficult to engage with the principle and the resultant friction can negate the benefits of an agile workspace. Flowscape supports the end-user experience and brings an agile office to life”.


Flowscape offers six key services:

Space Finder: With just a quick look at an easy to use app or on the billboard map, users are able to find and book the space that suits their current needs; whether that’s for a soundproof single booth, a conference room for six people, or an unoccupied desk in an area of their choice. The system checks availability in the room booking system and detects if anyone is already present in the room. If a space has been booked but nobody actually checks in at the appointed time, the system automatically cancels the booking, and makes the room available to book.

The system also offers an ingenious ‘panic button’ feature, which instantly finds the closest available room; a boon when an unexpected visitor shows up or a colleague needs an urgent tête-à-tête.

Colleague Finder: Flowscape gives a complete overview of the office, gives the status of colleagues and shows where they are. It also allows users to send an instant message, e-mail or make a call, with one click on their smartphone. The system is designed to be integrated with your current communication system, e.g. Lync and Skype for Business. The system is designed to talk to the organisation’s current communication system, e.g. Lync, Sametime or Google Talk.

Personal privacy is protected by use of ‘invisible mode’, to be used as required. Additionally, all data is saved anonymously and encrypted, so reports can only be generated on an aggregated level.

Equipment Finder: With a simple click, users can quickly locate vital office equipment, such as printers, coffee machines, and fire extinguishers. As well as the obvious safety and efficiency benefits, the Equipment Finder and Wayfinder function also mean that new staff members and visitors can quickly make themselves at home.

The Equipment Finder also generates data about the usage of individual pieces of equipment, allowing accurate understanding of the value they offer the business; vital to making informed future investment decisions.

Housekeeper: Sharing vital equipment can be a major cause of friction in the workplace. The Housekeeper function allows anyone who discovers a faulty item to report it with just a click. Whether it's a broken projector lamp, a jammed printer or a leaking tap, the information instantly reaches the person responsible for sorting it out, and everyone can see the icon for non-functioning equipment in the map and the estimated time it will take to fix it.

Room Panel: A backlit Room Panel sits outside each meeting room, with an interactive high-resolution touchscreen that makes room booking on-site simple. The screen gives an overview of availability and then booking is just a click away.

Flowmanager: In Flowmanager, data from Flowscape’s various functions is harvested and analysed. Data is collected about the organisation’s flow of people, room and desk usage, and the utilization of equipment. The opportunity to look at this breadth and depth of data offers new ways of scrutinising and addressing how effectively cooperation happens in large organizations.

Alongside the Flowscape system, Kinnarps provide a range of furnishings and services that help the transition to agile working. This includes the development of sound absorbing tables and screens, easily adjusted variable height desks and chairs that adapt quickly to a wide range of users, and modular furnishings that provide the perfect spaces for collaboration, contemplation and concentration.

To LEARN MORE about FLOWSCAPE or to see it in action in our London showroom, PLEASE CLICK HERE