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The changing landscape of office design

As technology develops and our working practices change, office design is becoming increasingly nuanced and sophisticated. The one size fits all model does not work; people look different, and work differently. In its layout and furnishing the modern workplace needs to adapt to the activities and individuals it contains. Investing in workplace design will help your people feel better about themselves and their company – and it will show in their work.

Thinking & research

Next Office

Next Office

We’ve gathered our thoughts on the workplace of tomorrow into ‘Next Office™’ — a collection of the latest in workplace design thinking. From analysis tools and apps that help clients to visualise what type of activity settings are required for their business to move to agile working, to white papers and research from some of the most well-respected experts in the industry, Next Office™ incorporates everything an organisation needs to consider when developing an Activity Based Working culture and supporting workplace.

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Trend Report

Trend Report

Launched at WWF-UK’s Living Planet Centre to an audience of facilities managers, architects and designers from across the UK, the Kinnarps Trend Report 2015 identifies five trends which will impact the future of workplace design. The Report is based on research and investigation carried out by experts from around the world, and highlights the overarching theme of diversity in the workplace.

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Kinnarps Colour Studio

Kinnarps Colour Studio

A key consideration in interior design is colour theory, which dictates the impact a particular colour palette can have on the ambience of a workspace. Each colour has its own culturally-specific set of semiotics — the symbols and signs it communicates — and each is capable of creating many different moods, depending on the shade selected and how they are used and combined in an interior.

Kinnarps Colour Studio

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