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Sit Stand

The concept

Sit. Stand. Repeat.

“Kinnarps has always had a culture of looking at the person in the office, and what furniture is there for. We’ve been producing sit-stand workstations for over 25 years, each designed to free you from the sedentary position of a desk. There will come a time when a sedentary seated working environment will be deemed completely unhealthy. This is not an on-trend product that we’ve just developed to address a gap in the market; it’s something we’ve been working on for a long, long time.”

Marc Bird, Kinnarps

The benefits

The essence of good ergonomics

According to Human Factors Engineer Dr Rob Stuthridge, height-adjustable workstations are a key component in accommodating people’s physical and task differences and enhancing workplace performance and productivity.

“Sit-stand working represents the very essence of good ergonomics. This is why sit-stand working has been shown to provide a range of benefits that will aid both the worker and their employer.”

Dr Rob Stuthridge, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., CPE, MIES

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Improves posture, preserves muscle tone, burns calories faster and reduces absenteeism


Increased energy and dynamism improve productivity and engagement


Physical activity stimulates mental activity, unlocking latent creativity


The Kinnarps Series P desk costs little more than a static desk

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