So says Professor John Buckley of the University of Chester. And he’s not alone. A growing body of medical evidence supports the view that too much time spent sitting down is not good for our health. The list of physical and mental conditions associated with sitting for long periods is extensive

  • heart disease
  • obesity
  • metabolic disease
  • type 2 diabetes
  • cancer
  • stroke
  • depression
  • anxiety

If we’re to avoid ending up old before our time, then this is an issue that we need to take seriously. We need to consider a new way of working.

New, at least, to most of the British workplace. Sit-stand working has been around for years; da Vinci, Napoleon, Dickens and Churchill all understood the benefits of standing to work, and height-adjustable desks have been a feature of Scandinavian offices for decades. Kinnarps has been producing sit-stand desks for over twenty years, and is now the world’s leading supplier of height-adjustable workstations.

As well as helping alleviate a whole range of medical conditions, height-adjustable desks have been shown to improve productivity and increase creativity. Standing to work engages the body’s biggest muscles and helps increase the flow of blood to the brain. It helps us feel better, and work better.

So the million dollar sit-stand question is not “why now?” but “why not before?” In the UK, height-adjustable desks have traditionally been regarded as an expensive and inconvenient way of addressing workers’ pre-existing health complaints. This is tired, exclusive thinking that flies in the face of modern, people-centred office design. We’re convinced that sit-stand working should be a fundamental feature of office life. The UK culture has shifted radically in the last ten years towards a healthy work-life balance - just look at the number of gyms around the corner and the rise of health monitoring wearable technology and phone apps. The new generation of talent your organisation seeks is looking for an employer who will embrace and support that lifestyle. The introduction of sit-stand to your workplace culture will make you a more attractive choice than your competition. And help keep the great talent you have.